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The Design Process

A joint journey

Creating a new design is a journey we are in together. It will require planning, time, research, creativity and open communication. During the design process, I will be guiding you through the different steps.

I promise you the investment of my time to listen closely and to apply the creative talents, methods and tools I have collected over the years of my professional work.

In order to keep the project rolling along smoothly, your commitment to open communication and honest and timely feedback is much appreciated.

Before we start

Before I start with the actual creation of a design, we will take our time to talk about your objectives, your needs and your budget so that I can fully understand your exact need. I will then draft a proposal, which entails services, time frames and pricing so that you know about your options and what you can expect.

When we both agree on the proposal, we are ready to start and we can go on our design journey together. It will be fun. Promise!


Design Briefing

I not only want your designs to look beautiful, I also want them to be successful and tell your customer your story. Hence it will be very important — especially when it comes to the creation of a logo and visual identity — that I get a good understanding of your business/organization. I will ask you about your mission, your target market, your challenges, business dreams and goals. Your answers will result in a set of objectives that the designs need to fulfill. They will serve as a reference during the creative process and will ensure that your designs will successfully transport your message to their target audience.

Research & Discovery

In this phase, with the design brief in mind, I will dive deeper into the understanding of your business, your partners and competitors, and especially into the groups of people you would like to offer your product/service to. I will eventually collect inspiration and take notes when ideas for design solutions arise.


Design Creation

Based on my findings from the discovery phase and following the design brief, I will then draft a number of designs. I start out on paper, using pencil sketches to explore a variety of possible solutions. Depending on the project I also use techniques like mind mapping and looking for synonyms and word associations.
I will then decide on the best design solutions and use the computer to elaborate the designs further. Once I am happy with the designs, they are ready to be presented.

Presentation & Delivery

I will present the strongest designs to you in PDF format. Usually there are several design solutions you will be able to choose from. If you find that some designs can be improved, this is the time for it.

Once you’ve approved the designs, I will prepare the files for the next step. Depending on the project, this will either be sending you the final design files, sending the files to the printer or preparing them for my web developer.